Suganya M.

It is very important to have an ambition so that we know what we want to achieve in our life. Before I started my own business, I wanted to make sure that I have equipped with a strong education in this field. And further more I wanted to give something from home make proud of my family and my country with my dishes.

Why I choose this ambition? Firstly, I really like to cook. I can give people taste my cooking with my own recipes. I have a health-conscious lifestyle. Like most of the south-indian cooking I like vegetarian and vegan dishes at home. I like the ideology of balance between soul and food. We are individuals, with individual taste. I wanted to find those peoples who really loves my way of cooking.

As I have heard, as long as people live in the world, there would be people that want to eat. There I came with the idea of Veggie & Vega – Restaurant. I hope people irrespective of believe and age can sit together in my restaurant and enjoy eating my food.